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as to love with all my heart

the boy who would be king
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a crown of gold, a heart that's harder than stone.
Olivia. 20. Hopping back and forth between virginia and florida. likes peaches, mangoes, war movies, superheroes, hipster music, pokemon, fashion, ice skating, fanfiction, bloodhounds, sad boys, florals, Japan, Russia, drawing and singing. Nice to meet you. ♥
*momnomnoms*, ...ladies, ...o-oh., 3am. everything is funny., 500% of lesbians, adequately large conversations, admiral yamamoto, agent has no friends, agent's french ass name, akihiko's sex voice, akihiko/roxas, apathetic young man, at your junes, babble on... lol babylon, back of yo head, be aggressive!, beefobowl, bowlcut-san, bursting with fonons!!!1, buttzaku, cher is a comedian, chicken filled taquitos, chicken filled tkinos, conversations with feces, cosette haet everyone, cosette haet koru, cosette liek aoi, cosette loev koru, craaawling iiin my skiiin, delicious tkino, dem rocks, dr. jade, dr. maracas, dyke & ike's, epic rewindow fail, estellisie hsideodas heurialsisaincel, everyone/everyone, extreme like dinosaurs exploding, falcon punch, falling seans, fishyhoem, for this!, for what?, french ass names, fucking agnet, gay for makoto, gurren cart brigade, guy's lack of heterosexuality, haruna is nanako, he-he-hey yuka-tan, heart of the cards, hey dojima-san, hooker ass, i'm just waiting, i'm overloading!!!, it is like velvet, jizz in my pants, judith's bouncy chest, kamina's glasses, kanji is moe, king kong/roxas, lamp, lavi/lenalee, let3, lumberjacks, makoto's cupcake penis, manviolence, mind crush, mit soo roo, naoto shirogane, niv's singing, oh doctor doctor, oli likes to choke, oli's dad is akihiko, oli's typoing, olviai cafron grocasce, one true city, orifaic, otapoop, peeing as roxas, peeingasroxasatyourjunes, penisgun, perky akihikos, pimpmaster t-niko, pinged by bears, professor nebilim, rhee hee hee hee, ribbons = c.c.'s son, ridikulous, sad boy, sakoda, scew duck face fights, scew duck fights face, sonic thrust, subtext, suicidal lesbian cannibals, takahiro/katsuya, this is my penis, this thing is huge!, tkino = taquito, tkino birthed the world, uhuhu, vespoopia, waiting for this, werebear akihiko, what's your name agent, whores of sakoda, with my dying will!!!!, woog, yamamama, ≖‿≖, ◜◡◝, ハートの国のアリス, 日本